Symptoms of Tongue Cancer

Carcinoma tongue or malignant tumor of the tongue presents several symptoms and clinical features. Manifestations that signal the presence of the disease are mentioned below:

• The one of the foremost symptoms of tongue cancer that one notices is a red / white patch on the tongue. The patch may be located in the anterior two-thirds or on the posterior one-third of the tongue. Sometimes, people observe a red / white spot on the tongue that is firm and has elevated edges. Over a period of time, the spot increases in size and becomes hard.

• The innermost part of the tumor is comparatively soft and bleeds easily. When you chew, drink or swallow, a pressure is exerted on to the cancer spots, and they break open. These spots are exceedingly tender, and can not bear the least amount of pressure. Inexplicable bleeding is a significant symptom.

• Pain while chewing and / or swallowing are common symptoms of tongue cancer.

• Occasionally, people develop a sore or an ulcer on the tongue, or within the mouth. What’s more, the sore shows no indications of healing or subsiding.

• A constant, non-healing sore throat is a key feature of the disease.

• Alteration in the voice, reduced movements of the tongue and offensive breath are associated symptoms of tongue cancer.

• Numbness in the tongue occurs commonly.

• Infrequently, some patients complain of ear ache.

• A lump in the throat, neck lymph glands that have become engorged and swollen, and sudden weight loss may also be complained of.

If you detect any of these symptoms of tongue cancer, consult your physician without delay. Do not overlook these signals. Tongue cancer spreads quickly to the gums, jaws and throat. Thus, successful treatment necessitates satisfactory expertise, substantial data about the symptoms, and an early diagnosis of the disease. A few symptoms of tongue cancer are quite prominent, while some are not easy to distinguish. Early diagnosis of the symptoms of tongue cancer, and quick and timely management helps restrict the progression and spread of the cancer and improve prognosis.

The treatment plan depends largely up on the size of the cancer and the degree of spread. Management consists of surgery, chemotherapy and / or radiotherapy.

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